Seb Williams

Spending much of his childhood in the Czech Republic, Seb eventually found permanent residence in Melbourne, Australia. He attended Brighton Grammar School where he was heavily involved in athletics and Football, whilst being academically drawn to psychological studies.

Seb attended Monash University where he would complete an arts degree, with an extended major in psychology. Whilst completing his studies, Seb worked as a support worker with kids living with autism. Seb’s interest in health and wellness has extended well beyond psychology, educating himself on vitality and non-western approaches to striving toward holistic health.

Why Pando?

Learning how to deal with obstacles and with a holistic approach remains a challenge in my life. For a significant period of time, whilst growing up in a western society, my approach to my health prioritised different dimensions of wellbeing, without consistency and holisticness.

The concept of being able to create a physical space, an environment, that offers holistic support to our members is extremely exciting. I can only imagine the impact that this would have had on me growing up if a place like Pando existed.