Andrew McGrath

Andrew McGrath is an Australian rules footballer. He was born in Toronto, Canada before his family relocated to Australia in 2003. He attended Brighton Grammar School and continued his studies at Monash University, completing a bachelor of business degree.

Throughout his junior career, Andrew was an elite runner (athletics) as well as excelling in football. At the end of 2016 he was taken with the number 1 overall draft selection, eventually making his debut for Essendon in round 1 of the 2017 season. Andrew has played 130+ games and has been the Vice Captain of the football club since 2021.

Why Pando?

Throughout my journey in professional sport, I have been exposed to many unique, amazing and challenging experiences, which in turn, have allowed me to grow and develop as a person.This is something I am extremely grateful for, however I am also aware that not everyone is lucky enough to get access to these services/situations that are enabled through professional sport. Because of this, I try to encourage people within my network, as well as those I meet, to embrace uncomfortability, try new things and force your mind and body to evolve. Our biggest growth comes from the challenges we expose ourselves to.

I wanted to create Pando to show people that we are all together in a pursuit of self development.. No one is immune to a better self! Regardless of status, age or situation, we all deserve the opportunity to be happy, healthy and thriving. It has always been a goal of mine to create a platform to portray this message on a wider scale, and through Pando I feel as though we can make this a reality!